Some of us might live in a small flat and it make us impossible in applying separate room for the different purposes, but you don’t need to worry because applying a combo design for a small room will be much preferable in some cases. Usually we tend to mix the kitchen, living room and dining room at the same spot. In this article we will discuss some tips regarding how to create small living room kitchen combo ideas which will suit your less spacious house.Small Living Room And Kitchen Combo Ideas

Modern Small Living Room Kitchen Combination

In creating a combo idea for your house, you need to focus on a single theme; especially for both the mixing spot.  If it is necessary, applying similar color in creating a small living room kitchen combo idea will be more preferable; so you can avoid the failure in creating the primary theme. Creating a color scheme for your combo room will be a wise decision.Contemporary Small Living Room Kitchen Combo Interior
Minimalist Small Living Room Kitchen Combo IdeasColor is not the only thing that needs to be main focus, but also for the furniture’s; applying an opposite flow for the furniture’s may lead to a great failure; since some of the furniture’s and themes tend to against each other which will create an instable performance. Applying similar material for both of the furniture’s and the kitchen ware will be one or our considerations, it is used to create a twins look for both of the combo spot; even though they are not completely same.Open Space Small Living Room and Kitchen Furniture
Small Living Room Kitchen Interior CombinationApplying a kitchen island for a combo idea can also be possible; it can be used to as a divider between the living room and the kitchen. Besides a kitchen island is also available as a multifunction’s element especially as a kitchen and dining set which makes you possible in applying kitchen, living room and dining room at the same time; it will be a perfect choice for family who live in a small house.

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