We usually think that an Italian design for the kitchen is used to be engaged with a classical house, where crafted furniture and natural colors are applied as the major key role. Well, it is not actually false to think that this type of interior design will suit the classic house better, but today’s architectural design can also manage to create an Italian style in modern taste.  That is why in this article we will focus on Italian kitchen interior in a modern design.Elegant Modern Italian Kitchen Interior Furniture

Small Modern Italian Kitchen Interior Design
White Modern Italian Kitchen Furniture IdeasBasically the main elements in Italian kitchen are cabinets and the wall units, both of them are used as the food and tableware storage. A traditional Italian model will be look like a wooden wall units which are crafted and decorated with glass windows. But in modern design, we tend to use flat furniture’s which support the simply performance of the house.  Even though we manage having a modern design, but to strengthen the Italian atmosphere; we need to keep the use of wall units and cabinets.Modern Italian Kitchen Interior Decoration

Minimalist Modern Italian Kitchen Interior Design
Modern Italian Kitchen Interior DesignThe different can also be seen in their choose of colors, beige and darker colors are used to be apply in a traditional Italian interior design and their furniture’s; while in modern design we will play with  color variations.  Sometimes we might find a matching pop color for the wall units which perform a lollipop style. Modern Italian Kitchen Wooden Interior Furniture
Modern Italian Kitchen Decoration IdeasColor for the walling is the most important aspect, even though both of traditional and modern Italian designs tend to use natural color; but in modern architectural design we prefer having white, grey, and black rather than beige and brown.Contemporary Italian Kitchen Interior Design
Modern Italian Kitchen Interior IdeasWe can also play with the material, especially for the furniture’s and the floorings. Metallic material will be much preferable for the kitchen island and the dining table. As for the flooring, choosing the large size of tiles and ceramics will be a desirable one. Now you can manage having an Italian interior design without reducing the modern look of your house.

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