Asian styles play an important role in modern architectural design; they do not only effect the development of contemporary furniture but also the interior and exterior models. There are reasons why Asian designs are more favorable than the European one. First, because most of them perform a simplicity look; it is quite contrary with most of European styles which tend to perform luxury houses in gorgeous and antique furniture’s. Asian houses are also performing a strong natural atmosphere, creating a perfect balance between the interior design and their environmental climates.Contemporary Asian House Exterior Ideas

Minimalist Modern Asian House Exterior Designs

When the first time we saw the modern Asian home design, we will notice the high ceiling; it can be said that almost Asian houses need to have a high ceiling.  It is used to create a healthy air articulation which makes you possible in consuming more fresh air; this type of ceiling will also reduce the use of electricity.  Besides, applying a high ceiling might also perform a brighter house; the rooms will be more spacious especially when we could manage applying a large window.

Modern Luxury Asian House Exterior Designs

Modern Asian House Exterior Designs

The most promising Asian design in modern houses are Japanese style, it performs emptiness which also creates a balance with the natural aspects of the house. Their furniture’s are available in various designs and materials which make them a desirable one. Japanese style is said to be a legend in a contemporary design which also affect the interior and exterior architectural design. Some of their famous basic features are the sliding doors, dividing wall, and their modern technology for the elements of the house.Small Modern Asian House Exterior Designs

Modern Asian House Exterior Ideas
Simple Modern Asian House Exterior DesignsSome of Asian designs also give some development effect in modern architectural design such as china, Mongolia, and Siamese. Applying a fusion by using Asian touch and modern style will be a perfect choice for you who want to have a modern touch by applying specific elements for your house.

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