Japanese garden is said to be one of the trends in modern architectural design, their elements are not only applicable for the interior and exterior design but also for the garden and bathroom.  Japanese garden is said to be the most applicable garden for a modern house since they don’t really need spacious space to be applied; besides we don’t really have to engage with various plants that need specific maintenance. Popular Japanese Home Gardens

Japanese Home Gardens with Pond

There are various types of Japanese garden including tea garden, strolling gardens, and even stone gardens or korenansui. As it is named, a Japanese tea garden is basically a place where Japanese people conduct their tea ceremonial party. This type of garden is engaged with some of the specific elements including crouching water basin, step path, and waiting place; even though this type of Japanese garden seems to be simple but applying them for a private house will be too much. They need larger space where you can build the tea house which will be a less convenient for us who have no Japanese tea ceremony custom.Japanese Home Gardens Ideas
Japanese Home Backyard GardensKoresansui or Japanese stone garden are also said to be one of the famous Japanese garden, this type of garden is influence by the Zen-Buddhist doctrine; that is why this type of garden is usually found in Japanese shrine. Sometimes we can manage them for the private used, but they need to be maintained r every day since the pattern of the stone arrangement can change trough the time.Japanese Home Stone Gardens
Japanese Home Landscape GardensCourtyard and strolling garden which are also known as Tsubo Niwa and Tsukiyama can be a perfect choice for a private use. Both of them can work on a small scale of land, beside we can also use tolerant plants which will make them easy to be maintained.

Japanese Home Gardens
Many people love to apply a Japanese garden because their performance gives mythical look in a simple way, beside we can also manage the Japanese garden from simple elements such as sand, rock, lantern, water, natural plants and basin.

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